2020 GRC Benchmark Report

It's no secret that maintaining compliance is hard, yet there's little data available that quantifies how difficult it is. Until now. We surveyed over 100 security and compliance professionals to understand their biggest time sinks, and what they are looking for in a GRC tool. So fill out the form to download and G-R-See for yourself what your peers are doing.

How Aptible Comply helps GRC teams

Aptible Comply automates compliance work so you can build trust with your customers.

Automated evidence collection

Connect all of your controls, frameworks, tasks, and evidence, and automatically ingest evidence 24/7/365.

Integrated workflows

By integrating your existing SaaS services, you'll save time by automatically completing previously manual tasks like evidence collection and user access reviews.

Build trust with customers

Easily respond to vendor security assessments and allow customers self-serve access to the security documents they need to buy your software.

GRC for a SaaS World

Our customers come to us to simplify, streamline, and automate the audit process. Here's what they say.

"Our software is used by Fortune 100 companies, which means completing time-consuming vendor security assessments. Aptible Comply has helped us prepare for our ISO 27001 certification, helping our team take a 'preemptive strike' against VSAs."

Snaps uses Aptible Comply to streamline their audit process, build trust with customers, and speed up Enterprise sales cycles.

Joe Rettenmyer, VP of Engineering at Snaps

"Our team couldn't relate to what we had pieced together (with different systems, sources, and spreadsheets). We needed something that was tailored to us. It's far more of a team effort than it used to be."

Able Health chose Aptible Comply to simplify their HIPAA and SOC 2 audit process, so their team can focus on other important initiatives.

Steve Daniels, Co-founder and President at Able Health


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