Shave days off your audit preparation

According to a recent survey, security teams at B2B SaaS companies spend an average of 32 hours on evidence collection every month. Every month! What if you could automate your evidence collection through integrations with your existing tools. Download our guide to advanced evidence collection, and start saving days of manual work.

Finally, a stress-less audit

Aptible Comply makes audits simple and streamlined. Here are just a few of the ways we do it:


By integrating Aptible Comply with existing SaaS platforms (Jira, GitHub, Okta, etc), you can audit evidence collection and reduce ongoing manual work.


Passing an audit is a team sport. Enlist the help of other departments by creating & automatically assigning Evidence Request Tickets directly from the platform.


Having a dashboard of your audit "completeness" gives you real-time visibility into progress, allowing you to focus on what's important and complete your audit with confidence.

Helping B2B SaaS companies improve the audit process

Our customers come to us to simplify, streamline, and automate the audit process. Here's what they say.

"Our software is used by Fortune 100 companies, which means completing time-consuming vendor security assessments. Aptible Comply has helped us prepare for our ISO 27001 certification, helping our team take a 'preemptive strike' against VSAs."

Snaps uses Aptible Comply to streamline their audit process, build trust with customers, and speed up Enterprise sales cycles.

Joe Rettenmyer, VP of Engineering at Snaps

"Our team couldn't relate to what we had pieced together (with different systems, sources, and spreadsheets). We needed something that was tailored to us. It's far more of a team effort than it used to be."

Able Health chose Aptible Comply to simplify their HIPAA and SOC 2 audit process, so their team can focus on other important initiatives.

Steve Daniels, Co-founder and President at Able Health


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